HDFC loan

Location/place: Gurgaon

Name of company/service: GITM

Dear Sir/ Madam
With utmost respect I wish to state that I took a personal loan of rupees one lac from your bank on 11th June 2012. As per the oral commitment by your employees the rate of interest was fixed 18.25% diminishing and EMI for 24 months was 5005 rupees. But as the loan was disbursed, I got sms from HDFC that EMI would be 5200 rupees. It is a sheer loot of the customer which cannot be accepted. There are three employees in your bank who misguided me and took my signature on blank papers saying that rate of interest would be 18.25% and rest of the things they would fill up in the empty sheets.

Now when I talked to them, they are suggesting me to get the loan cancelled by paying the cancellation charges. I asked them the reason behind more rate of interest, then the answer was that it is HDFC bank’s mistake.
Please look into the matter and change my EMI from 5200 to 5005 rupees AND take necessary action against the people who misguide the customers.Here I am giving the names of the person who misguided me in this process:

1. Mr. ChanderShekhar Bhattacharjee, Retail Assetch., Contact No. 09311598741.(He met me in my office and confirmed that rate of interest would be 18.25 only)

2. Ms. Jyoti- Contact No. 09999800079- She talked over the phone and was in the total process on loan sanction. She gave me exact figure of rupees 5005 as EMI for two years.

3. Mr Harish, Contact No. 09468454006. He is the person who collected the documents for loan approval, took my signature on empty formats and also assured about the EMI.

Sir/Madam, I am very much disturbed over such type of behaviour by the executives of such a reputed bank. Here the question is not that I am shedding extra money, but my trust in your bank is hurt. Please look into the matter and reduce my EMI amount.If possible give proper guidance to the people involved in this activity so that in future it may not happen with other customers.

Waiting for your reply
Yours sincerely
Dr Satish Kumar

Loan a/c No. 21496802

Contact No. 09896013668 , 09991614865
Email address: [email protected]

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