Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: HDFC Life

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been with HDFC life from 2005 and has policy “HDFC-Unit Linked Young Star 2” with Policy Number: 10427352.

I have been paying annual premium till last year and from this year, I decided to convert it to monthly. I am having horrible experience with the way I am being treated both in branch as well as on phone. I submitted the request in Anna Nagar branch on 10-Nov-12 and Mr. Balaji took my request and confirmed that it will be taken care. But to my surprise, nothing happened till now and I am running from pillar to post to check the status. There is a complaint booked (Ref. No. 03000000199372) and I got a message that Mr. Ayaz Advani is looking into it and will respond in 14 working days. This is beyond the pay by date of the policy (25-Nov-12) and even past grace date (10-Dec-12).

I have reached a stage where I decided not to continue the policy payment only due to lethargic attitude of your unfriendly staff. This is my last stop in HDFC and if I don’t receive any response, I will look at closing my relationship with HDFC once for all.

Hoping to get a proper response.

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