HDFC has frustrated me with unethical penalties

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: HDFC BANK

My name is Sitakanta Acharya and I have an account with HDFC bank for the last 12years almost with customer ID : 1860570 and account number-00901050042599.
It was opened as a salary account (in Gurgaon) and since 2011 no salary was credited to this account as the organization I am currently opened another salary account with HDFC bank (in Bangalore).
When the new salary account was open I contacted the HDFC bank and Rs 20,000.00 was kept in four fixed deposits under the same customer id : 1860570 and was mentioned to me that I can break the fixed deposits and can draw from the same ATM account as per my convenience.
But I found in the month of January this year they deducted Rs 752.00 and Rs 386.00 in each of the months of January, February, March, April and again Rs393.00 in the month of May.

1-As per my knowledge when the fixed deposits were created for Rs 20,000.00 under the same customer ID, I was told that I can break the fixed deposits and can draw the money thru the same ATM account. Then why it was not considered a part of that account and if not considered why it was made clear to me before deduction?
2-If the fixed deposits were considered separate accounts, then why did they break one of the fixed deposits (08854470010818) to claim their penalties without a notice to me? Do they reserve this right as well? if yes, where can I find this condition on their website? I have the PAN no. updated with the account. They could have found and deducted the penalties from the other salary account existing with them?
3-Where it is mentioned that they charge penalties of Rs 386.00 per month if the minimum balance is not maintained? Do they reserve the right to decide the penalty amount without the notice to the customer as well? If yes, where it is mentioned? Why the link sent by them is not working? Does not it evident that their information is miss leading and creating a communication gap? If they are the only ones to create the communication gap, why should I pay the penalties.
4-Before the end of the first quarter of this year (Jan-Mar), how could they anticipate that I was not going to maintain a minimum quarterly balance of Rs 10,000.00, and started deducting the penalties from the month of January itself? If Rs 30,000.00 is kept for only the month of March still it the minimum quarterly balance of Rs 10,000.00 is maintained.
5-I deposited Rs 11,000.00 to the account in the month of April 2012 and 25000.00 on 04 Jun, and before the end of June (the 2nd quarter) how could they anticipate that I am not going to maintain a minimum quarterly balance and have already deducted the penalties of Rs 386.00 in the month of April and Rs 393.00 in the month of May?

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