HDFC Bank Personal Loan Ref # 21875202

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: HDFC

Dear Sir,

I had applied for HDFC Bank Loan with ref # 20440421 and loan approved with ref # 21875202 for 1 Lakh and the same was approved. but only 96223.00 was debitted to my account.
when checked with the Executive Prathima(8050566250 FREE 8050566250 ) and field executive Venkatesh (8884155267) who collected the application and documents, it was explained that the ammount was deducted for Insurance charges etc etc..

But, I was not been informed about this before or after applying for personal loan on it is nowhere mentioned in HDFC personal loan portal website.

I am paying total interest of Rs. 18656.00 for loan amt of Rs 100000.00 and they have deducted 3777.00.
so in this case I should pay principle of Rs 96223.00+interest or HDFC should give me back Rs 3777.00.

HDFC has done an injustice to me.request you to please help me in this regard.


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