Location/place: NAGPUR

Name of company/service: HCL-CDC Nagpur branch

Respected sir,

I got enrolled at Hcl-CDC Nagpur branch,
in HCP-R (Course)in May 2011 as a regular student. I have been paying my fees regularly of rupees 3,200 as installment ,
every month. Total ling to Rs 34,000 till date. I am facing quiet a lot of problems,
from HCL-CDC Nagpur which are as given below :-
1)The faculty are very irregular in taking classes , and so the eleven months course has taken fifteen months and course has still not completed.
2)For last one month we are going institute everyday, but the institute is locked up and classes has taken place .
3)the concern authority of the institute are no available and have switched off their mobile phones .
4)We contacted Mr.jayant Patil director of the institute regarding this matter, and he replied :-

A)That he has not received any fee from us, from November onward .When the fact of the matter is i have paid all my fees till date , and have receipts from the institute to prove this fact.

B)He also claims that the institute is not a franchisee of the HCL-CDC, but at the time of enrollment we were assured ,
that the institute is a a franchisee of the HCL-CDC and we will get, certifications from HCL.

C)No examinations has yet taken place till date.

5)When we contacted HCl head office At noida , we were informed by them that they have no information regarding the students of the HCL-CDC Nagpur.

Not only myself but other students of this Nagpur institute are facing this problem , some students are even from 2009 batch.
In case if our problems are not solved , we will have no option but to get to the court of law .

This is for your information and necessary action.

Thanking you ,
your sincerely,


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