HBJ Services- Data Entry Scam

I applied for data entry work through I received a call from them on the next day. One Akhil called me and said he will be sending me an email with work details. They will be providing with 110 pages which i have to complete within 10 days. If i have 85% accuracy they will be giving full amount ie; 28560. They told me they won’t be charging any money for this. But they will be deducting work allowance of 13% from the project amount which i will be receiving. After that he send me employee from to fill the bank account details and my address. and also some recent payouts (which they created) I completed the work and submitted it before the deadline. After one day i received Quality report. In that it was mentioned i will receive the amount on 02-08-2019 by 9 pm. Till now i didn’t receive the payment. then i called them again one lady answered the call and she said i have to pay work allowance of 4853 rs then only they will release my salary of 23692 rs. They are totally scam.

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