Hazardous to life- Stone fallen from Top Floor

Location/place: I-6/71, Sector-16, Rohini, Delhi-85

Name of company/service: Private Builders -Kapil Kalra, Parveen Taneja & Om Prakash

We have purchased Top Floor & Ist Floor of I-6/71,Rohini, Delhi-85 from private Builders in 2009.Initially some defects were pointed out through registered letter to the Builders but the letters were returned from their end & ignoring the complaints. Recently on dated 18-07-2012 a very dangerous thing is happened which can be harmful for human life when from the Top floor, a Marble stone which was used & stuck on balcony of top floor has fallen & damaged the car parked by the owner of the ground floor. It may be a human being instead of car to whom this stone could harm his life. This type of ignorance by the builders while making the buildings could not be accepted at any cost which is very harmful for the people who are believing in them & investing their hard core of money & putting their life in a danger zone every day. Look into this & solicited a robust action against these private builders who are extracting money but compromising for inferior materials which are playing with the life of general public.

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