Harrassment from Airtel

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Kommlabs Dezign Pvt. Ltd.

It all started with dropping my Airtel payment for the month of March 2012. My bill date is always the 1st of every month and I typically drop the cheques in an Airtel outlet on the 27th or 28th of the previous month in Bangalore. This time I was travelling and was in Delhi. So I dropped the cheque on the 28th of April at the Alakhnanda Market in New Delhi. This amount was debited from my Citibank account on the 2nd May. For some reason this was not reflected in the Airtel accounts.
My agony started in the 1st week of May itself. I kept getting reminders for the pending payment that I had already made and I repeated this to maybe the entire staff that looks after payment follow up. Every time I would speak to an Airtel representative, I would be told that they would check their records and get back but I would get yet another call for making my payment. Then it was time for the next bill to be generated and the March bill was shown pending in my April bill and I was slapped a late fee too. I called up 121 and then told them my story and this time forwarded my bank’s statement that clearly indicated that the amount in question was paid to Airtel. I also indicated that I will be paying the April bill minus the late fee. Once this was done, I assumed things would be set right but there was more excitement to come…
My May bill appeared and the March bill amount was still pending along with the late fee. Before I made this payment, I contacted Airtel yet again and this time asked to be connected to a senior manager. I was promptly connected to someone called Vijayashanti. Once again I repeated all the information which by now is in my fingertips, and she promptly told me that she will have to check and get back. She called at the end of the day saying that their payment department had asked for more time. One wonders what they were doing for two months!! That was the last I heard of her. Not wanting to give up, I called the office the next day and asked to be connected to her. I was told by the person who answered my call that she will get back within an hour. And you guessed it,I am yet to receive a call. That is when I thought as a last resort, to send a mail to the CEO before complaining at the Consumer forum for the harassment meted out! Even the CEO is just like his employees. No response from him either and now my pending payment is on the rise thanks to the late fee being added every month…Despite noting that I make my bill payment minus the pending amount minus the late fee, they just don’t get the picture. I would like to sue Airtel for all the harrassment caused.

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