Harrassment by IndusInd Bank Credit Card

Location/place: Gurgaon

Name of company/service: IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card

This is to lodge a complaint against IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card (issued in the name of Amit Katyal).

I had deposited the payment cheque amounting to Rs 30,000 vide cheque no. 798352 of IndusInd Bank at your ATM Box, located in the Branch at Golf Course Road, Gurgaon on July 24, 2012. However, the same has been misplaced by IndusInd Bank’s Collection Agents and without recognizing that the fault exists at the bank’s end – the bank has done the following:

1. Sent my case to a Recovery Collection Agency named “Analyst” and I have been receiving calls to harress me – [FYI, My number is registered onto Do Not Disturb List – So, what IndusInd has gone ahead and committed is a civil and criminal offence!!!]

2. Blocked my credit card for future transactions – without any information to me. [You block my card – You lose Business and Customers]

3. Did not respond to my numerous complaints lodged at the Customer Care – which they call Premium Care (anc actually is BULLSHIT Care!) [Your Customer Care Officers need training – please invest, rather than just hiring donkeys and pigs who do not understand a shit in life]

4. Levied late fee charges and interest on delayed payment on my account. [Will file a suit for damages for all the harrassment and charges levied onto my account]

In my numerous service requests to the customer care officers – I have explained the case that the cheque has been misplaced by IndusInd and they are not entitled to levy charges onto my account. The answer that I have received is “please issue an cheque and stop pay the earlier one”.

What these insane bankers do not realise is that ‘It is their mistake – they need to apologise in writing – they need to reverse all the charges”. But, none of that sort has been happening in this case.

It is my request to you to kindly resolve this at the earliest – else, I will pursue this case to the highest possible judicial authority and ensure that IndusInd learns a lesson out of this case.

What you need to do is as follows:
1. Provide me with an apology letter on IndusInd Bank Letter Head
2. Reverse all the void-ab-initio charges levied onto my account
3. Restore my card to an unblocked/active status
4. Let me know – how will you compensate me for the harrassment caused by your recovery agency with numerous calls for the past few weeks

Best Regards,
Amit Katyal

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