Harrassement and Torture since last 5 months

This is the email which I have last sent to them:

First of all, let me thank you for once again coming back for rescue. There are several people who are chasing me and following up with me for this and this is resulting in utter confusion and chaos. So, I would request you to decide and earmark one person who can deal with me and take this to a logical conclusion with your and mine satisfaction.

As far as the visit to my place is concerned for rectification, there are couple of things which I would like to highlight:

1. Sai, from your team had called and confirmed that Rajesh will visit as the SF has hired him once again, as a matter of fact, Rajesh had called me on 22nd June, Saturday, when I requested him to come on Sunday, 23rd June, 2019, second half (post lunch). As expected, Rajesh is yet to come for the rectification, even after providing him an appointment for Sunday i.e. 23rd June, 2019. I seriously, do not understand as what’s wrong with Airtel. Is it happening with me as a one off case or is it the normal situation and plight which all the customers have to undergo. If the latter is true, then days are not far when someone else will be the market leader and capture our customers shortly.

2. I was told by Sai, that he will give me the no on which I am supposed to send the pictures of the walls which has been damaged by the installation engineer, again, least to state that the Whatsapp no. is still awaited from Sai. I would like t place it in records that Sai was the worst guy whom I have ever interacted in my entire life from Airtel.. He cannot even speak correct English, needless, to say, you may pull his call recordings and can assess the english of Sai grammatically.

3. I would not allow any ASM in my premises, I will only allow, Rajesh to come and do the installation properly, instead, do the rectification of the bad job done by Airtel SF.

4. You have not stated anything on the actions taken on Gautam Ojha till now, what is the status of my grievance and plight and trouble and mental agony and torture which he has done to me.

5. Why did Gautam state that I am creating all this issue for getting discount, what action has been taken on him for passing such a loose and derogatory statement on a customer.

6. What is the compensation which is going to be paid to me, you have not even talked about this CRITICAL item at all even once in your email.

7. I got a call from Aishwarya on Friday, 5th July, 2019, afternoon when she bridged some executive/Manager from Airtel named Gautam Ojha, now; a new story evolves by Gautam. He said that I am a liar and I have lied to everyone. He says that the engineer Rajesh, who had come to my place for installation, had done the installation with my mother’s permission. My straight question to everyone in the DTH team, can a sr. citizen lady of 70 years age guide an engineer of 25 years age to install a DTH connection and its wiring. What I as an engineer and a sensible individual would have done is followed the same wiring map which was done for the previous DTH connection. It’s not that we have installed DTH for the 1st time in life, we already had an old connection since last few years, which we recently surrendered and ported to Airtel, he should have used his common sense and should have done the wiring the way it was done previously, instead he choose to do a fresh wiring thereby ruining my wall paint and spoiling the whole room. Now, the question is, why he did that, let me explain he did that for his convenience and ease, since following the old wiring pattern was a bit cumbersome and time taking.

Now, Gautam says that I am a liar and he is trusting his engineer more than a HNI customer like me. He says that he got due permission from my mother to do the fresh wiring and spoil the wall paint. This was left for a gazzetted officer like me to hear from Gautam that I am LIAR.
8. Gautam says that I have created all this issue due to discount, what an interpretation!!

I called Airtel for 2 connections with one antenna, the other connection as “child” connection, with 2 set top boxes. I was being told that I will be charged 1800 + 1500 i.e. 3300/-. Gautam gave me a discount of 500/- and charged me 2800/- when I asked him “is this the best he can do”, he said “Yes”. Now, what Gautam feels and believes is that since he did not give me more than INR 500 concession, I have created all these issues and ruckus? I want to know from Airtel, that is 500/- so BIG for people like us, that we will live with this issue since day 1 of installation. Is this the level of thought of Airtel employees that they allege customers like us that since 500/- discount was only provided; customers like us have created this issue. Think and ponder over it and pls talk to Gautam and like minded executives, send them for some Customer relationship and behavioral training programmes.

9. Has Airtel not taught basics of telephone handling to its executives, I have worked for Bharti group in the leadership team for almost a decade and we used to teach basic etiquette and manners to our employees, perhaps Gautam missed……He called me on 19th May, Sunday and National Festival of Election Voting day, when I was at polling station, and without even seeking my consent to continue with the call and even not bothered to find out, whether it’s a good time to speak or not, he bridged his supervisor on the call, when, I had to disconnect, that’s not the need, he again did that and again I had to disconnect. Guys, its a Sunday and more over it’s a polling day, you can’t barge in one’s privacy on a holiday and just call whenever you feel like, and the atrocity is that you don’t even have the basic courtesy despite barging in one’s personal hours to seek his permission to continue with the call. Where is the level of customer friendliness gone in Airtel. I am really perplexed and worried as an ex Bharti employee…..
The same thing was done by the engineer Rajesh, when he visited for rectification at 8 pm on 13th May, which was completely shocking and unbelievable for me.

10. Gautam has taken it to his ego and decided that Rajesh will not visit my place for rectification of my issue, where he has spoilt my wall paints etc. I humbly request Airtel to teach people like Gautam that you cannot afford to have ego with customers in this competitive and aware world. You have to be loyal, customer friendly and needless to say, flexible with the customers, he has a BIG EGO and he is simply not sending that guy due to his personal ego. I got a call on 26th May, 2019 once again a Sunday, from Amit and once again, without seeking my permission to continue with the call, he goes on and says that he will send the engineer but not Rajesh to correct the wirings etc. I said NO and pls teach him also to seek customer’s consent to continue with the call. He said Gautam has told him to send an engineer but he cannot send Rajesh.

11. Just to let you know one of the deeds of Rajesh, he has not fixed the antenna with nut and bolts and screws, he has tied the antenna with a plastic rope and he asked my mother to purchase a rope so that he can tie the antenna, does Airtel pays so less to its engineers that they have started stealing nuts and bolts of the antennas now. Tell me, where in the world have you seen dish antennas being tied with a rope and not fastened with screws and nut and bolts. You can very well imagine the level of craftsmanship from the engineer.

12. Gautam has said that he cannot send Rajesh, since he is not working anymore. It’s very hard to believe since we have done skip tracing and mystery shopping and found that he is very much working and has been told to say to anyone calling him that he has left the SF. This is not ethical and not right. Let me ask you, Airtel has a process of on boarding and off boarding. On boarding involved the verification and other documentation check which gets attached to his personal file. Similarly, exit has an exit form and full and final settlement, kindly help me with the exit documents of Rajesh, to make me believe that he has genuinely exited.

13. You can imagine and understand the severity of my plight and how much aggrieved I am that I have written such a lengthy and long descriptive email to you, despite my busy schedule. I am sure very rarely you get such long emails, trust me, these emails should be welcome, in today’s world when customers hardly give feed backs. I am so much perturbed, disturbed and hurt (by allegations from Gautam) that I wrote such a long email. The level of grief is so much so that I really feel bad having a connection from you guys. Pls take some action against the fellow Gautam. Also, these guys have deliberately frustrated and annoyed me so much that I thought of writing to you guys, otherwise, generally, I refrain from complaining mode.
I would appreciate a point by point revert on the above.

Kindly note all the above mentioned points and revert back to me point wise ASAP.

Warm Regards,

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