Harrasment by Collection Agency-Swot Consultancy Services, Mumbai

Location/place: Goa

Name of company/service: HDFC Credit cards

I was using HDFC credit card with limit of 30000,that i closed in 2009.Now after 3 years wen I applied for SBI card, I suddenly started getting calls fm the above mentioned collection agent stating my card is in default position. They harass me at my work place and even to the extent that the executive calls and says that he is my boyfriend callin and wans to speak to me.I work in a bank,and it is a mental torture that this guy named Karan Shah is givin me. I have made much more payment then wat i have actually used the card for and now after 3 years they say I am a defaulter(this is wen they got to know i work for a bank) all these three years they were least bothered of informing. They have given me fabricated copy of statements now, wherein my limit is showin as 60000. I never remember accepting my card limit enhancement to this amount.The guy from Swot Consultancy Services, kumbai doesnt even respect the fact that he is talking to a girl. He is giving me mental torture when and where I work. Is it legally correct to harass someone saying that the debt is outstanding that too after 3 years? I have a few receipts here n there but not complete records as i was under the impression that I have closed my card. After the calls I pulled my CIBIL report only to find out that HDFC has reported a due of Rs.68000+(i dont know how) and the cstatus is showing as written off. What should I do? Please dvise as this is creating a bad impression at my work place and defaming my reputation.Just to add, I would like to inform that I also had other Banks cards which are already closed and recently I had taken CD loan from Bajaj FINSERVE which is sucessfully paid. I have had a bad experience from HDFC. please help me sort my problem. This may effect my career badly.

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