Harrasment by Bank Employees and Panel Lawyers

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Axis Bank

To, 13-06-2012
Consumer Forum
Sub: – Harassment faced in the process and disbursement of power home loan due to actions and
behaviour of your staff and panel lawyer.
I like to bring in your notice that with a great hope and going on the corporate image of axis bank as projected through electronic media, I applied for housing loan on 22-jan-2012.
To facilitate faster processing and disbursement I was suggested to open a saving A/C with priority banking, which I opened with a sum of Rs 50000/- (Rupees fifty thousand only).
Harassment started right after the application for home loan and initial necessary papers submitted for loan such as :-
1. For obtaining sanction letter after I had to follow up several times and at last I took help of Mr. Dipankar Das and Mr. Somnath Sen who are managers in priority banking Sarat Bose road branch.
2. At one stage Mr. Kaushik (sales executive home loan) even threaten me that he will cancel my loan because of my follow ups.
3. After providing sanction letter I was suggested by Mr Kaushik and Mr. Abhishek Bose (Team Leader home Loans) your panel lawyer (Mr. Binod Kumar Singh) in his office.
4. As I was not aware about the rules and formalities, Mr. Singh took full advantage of the situation by calling at the interval of 2-3 days at his office before he submitted the legal and technical report.
5. I had to pay Rs. 10000/- (Rupees ten thousand only ) for faster and prompt processing of my file in 3-4 days as required by your panel Lawyer Mr. Binod Kumar Singh.
6. At the time of registration in registration office a faulty deed of conveyance was provided my Mr. Binod Kumar Singh to the Mr. Rehmat Ali (Person from Mr. Binod Kumar Singh’s office) who came there to complete the registration process. This deed of conveyance was provided even after thorough correction from my side.
As a result of such harassment for 2 hours my parents who are diabetic patient got sick and I had to seek immediate medical assistance.
Only help received from Mr. Prakash Sharma (Credit Manager) brought some mental relief to me and my father who visited home loan branch on two occasions.
Under the circumstances I seek refund of money taken by Mr. Binod Kumar Singh taking advantage of my less knowledge about the process of housing loan.
A strong action needs to be taken on your persons who are misguiding and creating harassment which in result creating bad image of Axis Bank.

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