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Location/place: hyderabad

Name of company/service: Vodafone

Iam Mukesh p a Vodafone customer by number 9966850510,I was using the number from December-2007 on prepaid and migrated to postpaid in December-2010.
I opted for port in February -2012 due to of limited options in their plan of 249/month(which is having 600 min 600 sms and 2gGB internet free usage per month),then an executive from vodafone called me on march 7th-2012 explained a new plan-triple benefit 599 plan(having 1800min 1800 sms and 2 GB internet usage free )so i said ok and he activated it,only after 20 days that too when their executive called for other issue i came to know that there is no free internet usage in the pack i opted,i was shocked knowing this and argued with several of their executives who explained the plan got revised and there is no free internet how can they revise the plan without any intimation.I got a bill 5900 in which internet usage amount is Rs.4550 and tax of Rs.640.My real doubt is if my credit limit was fixed at 2800/month after which i will be blocked of my outgoing services but they waited without intimating me anything and after the bill got generated the very next day they blocked my out going,after calculating my real usage i Paid an amount Rs.1000/ but they never gave my outgoing and without even clarifying or reverting the internet usage amount they consistently forced to pay the bill,I stopped using vodafone number and took other number,but after they cut the outgoing they retained incoming and generated bill after bill for 3 month and now a total of around Rs.6600 has been kept as due on my number.Frequently i kept mails regarding this,instead of replying to any of the mails they started calling the numbers i use to call on vodafone number ie my relative,my boss number and they are asking is mukesh available there.

All what i need is a clarifictaion is 1)why should i be paying an amount which should be discounted on free as their executive has clearly mentioned 2GB will be free per month and used only 440MG till then.

2)If my credit limit is 2800 how can they wait till i get a bill of 5900/ that too without any intimation or message.

3.)without replying to the mails i have sent how can they be calling other and embarrassing me in front of others.

Please look into the issue

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