harassment by threatening to file case in Delhi Saket/Tis Hazarri District Court

Today I got a call from a female voice and she claimed that she is calling from Delhi Saket Court. She informed me that a case has been lodged against my wife in delhi court by some Advocate Vikram Rana. She gave me a phone no. and a case no. DL 1365. She said me to immediately call at that no. to avoid the case which may result in a punishment of Rs. 25,000/- and my wife may have to appear in the Delhi Court for hearing.
I called at that no. and some female voice answered that the case has been lodged for non payment of a post paid connection of Idea Cellular ltd. I was aware that my wife had a post paid connection with this company. So I took it seriously and informed them that we have not got any legal notice that there was a case against my wife in Kolkata City Civil Court and how could they move to delhi court. She told me that she cannot explain why and how I could not have the notice and she can only inform that we have two options – either we pay the due amount within half an hour and provide them the transaction id or we face the legal fight at Delhi Court. She also threatened that my wife shall have to appear in the Delhi Court and will cost lots of penalty.
After that I tried to find out any shop which can be usefull to make payment for a post paid Idea connection. There was none. Within 10 minutes there was a call from the first no. and again she warned that there was only 15 min. left for me to provide the transaction id of payment or the case will be there. I appealed her that there was no shop where I can make payment. She asked me to give the phone to the retail payment shop owner so that she can advise him how to pay without having the facility for post paid payment. Then I informed her that I do not know how much to pay. She told me the amount but I did not have that money. She asked for debit/credit card. I informed her I do not use such card for that purpose and said to make a part payment. After a small argument she got convinced and I made a payment of Rs.400/- out of the due amount of Rs.771/-
After sometime she called again and took the name and phone no. of the retailer. Now I asked her how a case could be lodged without any information. She said since we have not got any information by any means, she is calling before processing the case. I asked how can I get the details of the case. Firstly she became adament and then advised to either call Advocate Viktam Rana or to confirm through net at the website of Delhi Tis Hazarri Court.
Then I searched at Tis Hazarri Court case records and found that there is no such case. I also tried to search Saket Court but the site was not responding.

Now, it become clear to me that the call was a fradulent one to make me pay the disputed amount.

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