Harassment in releasing Provident Fund

Location/place: Nagaon, Assam

Name of company/service: Shreya Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

Respected Sir/Madam,
This is to state that I joined Shreya Life sciences Pvt. Ltd. on 16th July, 2006 as Sales officer at chennai HQ. I got transferred to Assam in Oct, 2007.
Till now , even after resignation from the company as on 13th Nov,2010, I dint receive a single scheme certificate or yearly statement or any document of my PF account from the EPFO, Bandra, Mumbai office or my company office.
I have doubt on my company regarding the timely deposition of my monthly PF deduction along with employer’s contribution on my account. So, I need your help in this regard. I request you for this help since my Account balance is too low after working for 4years and 4 months while compared with my colleague of same company and same salary structure.
After several reminder to my company , the company submitted my pf withdrawl application to epfo, Bandra on 5th july 2011, but still I have been waiting for the disbursement. Since thereafter, i dint get any response from the company, I directly lodged a complaint on EPFO website. Then the assistant commissioner, Mr. Walkare informed me by a mail that my name differs from account holder’s name. Therefore, the EPFO had rejected the withdrawl application on 23rd march,2012. Later, I came to know that my company opened my account with mis-spelling of my surname and initials at the time of joining. My correct full name is ” MD. ASHRAF UDDIN ANSARY “, But they recorded it as ” ASHRAF UDDIN ANSARI “, where two mistakes existed. I mailed regarding this matter to my company , they informed me that they would soon resolve my problem. I asked them whether any action from my side would be required or not for the correction, they told me that its not required, their involvement would be enough to resolve my problem. Now another 6months have passed away, but still my problem remained unresolved. The company response is very weak. Therefore, I humbly request this consumer forum to be kind enough to facilitate a suitable action to ensure the resolvement and help me.
Thanks for your anticipation and early reply.
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