Harassment from unidentified caller

Dear Team,

Earlier i was using Idea and was facing lot connection issues. Hence i filed a complaint with idea and they told that my place is in low coverage area so the connection is bad and they said they cant help me with this. So i decided to get port from Idea to Air tel and surprisingly they sent a bill of 2,369 rs as my monthly bill. And a girl from collection agency started calling me from 9711560307 and started threatening me by saying she is from Delhi court. If i didn’t pay this bill she will call all my family members, my friends and colleagues and actually she did that. she called every one and threatening them like if the did not make me pay this amount, she will file a complaint on them and she is not disclosing her name or address i was humiliated in front of my family, friends and colleagues. Hereby, i request you to help me to get over this harassment from these guys.

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