harassment from ONIDA

Location/place: LUCKNOW

Name of company/service: ONIDA

Dear Sir, I bought Onida LCD TV 32inches in Nov 10 in my marriage ceremony after 2 months its remote stopped working, I called service engineer he replaced the board. Again my HDMI ports stopped working they changed the board, again no sound in HDMI ports they changed the board, again its started giving dull picture they changed the board, again the picture started blinking after so many complain they change the board. They denied for AMC when warranty is going to over in Nov 11. My LCD not working from Oct 2011 when it was in warranty and their engineers ignored my complains so that my warranty get over. After warranty it stopped working they are asked for Rs.7000/- to change the board and no warranty on that board. Till date your product of Rs.30,000/- lying dead like a junk in my house. Now they are asking for 3800/- to change the board (No warranty) of my LCD. They are advising me to spend 3800/- very month to get this junk in working condition.This is how Onida is serving the customers……Piyush Gupta 9044553183

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