Harassment for payment

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Airtel India

Dear Sir,

This mail is in reference to harassment calls I am getting from Airtel Team for Internet connection. Airtel landline No. 08042287478 & Broad Band – Account No. 15329240

History :

Due to crisis in service from service provider for almost 2 months, I had requested Airtel way back in last week of jan 2011 for discontinuation of this service.
Few Highlights of 2 Major crisis months were : Complaints were logged in for
1. No internet access
2. No resolution to issue
3. Complaint getting closed by Airtel team without even checking the reality checked.
4. Charging for the service which we never entertained.
5. No reversal of payment.

Concern :
1. Despite complaints, Airtel kept on generating bills for almost three months and have been getting consistent call for payment for duration we had major issues with connection and there had been multiple complaint logged in.

2. Every time when i called to lodge a compliant against connection, they said issue will be taken care of and without confirmation they closed my complaint everytime. After 7-8 complaint in same month there was no resolution. There was no solution and I have stopped asking for service with frustration.

3. Feb month , we posted mail to them for the payment calls and they revert that they will come with solution but as usual they never reverted. There were multiple mails and with no revertal from their end I have to stop again.

4. I receive a call on 14-07-2012, to pay 2800+ amount and to be present in Delhi high court on same day. They threated that if I don’t pay the amount, we will get dictum to pay Rs.18000 from Court. So better have out of court settlement.

Complain Number with Airtel:

Following are the complaint numbers which I have got from Airtel. Multiple call were made against these call no. to :
and so on.

Its July now and after no response for February mail, suddenly I received a call on 14-07-2012, to pay 2800+ amount amount and to be present in Delhi high court on same day. Also asked for out of court satelment otherwise court will charge 18000 as penalty. I have no. from which I received the calls which I don’t want to share.

I have never been defaulty in paying any of my bills ( be it Credit card, Telephon bills, water bills, loan EMIs), and this is very small amount to settle things up. However i still dont want to only beacuse why should i pay, i feel I will be supporting the cheating activity / Corruption.

After 6 months, as a lady I am really fed up and can’t take this anymore. Seems like I am getting harassed and annoyed for Fraudulent service.

I have enough complaint numbers as mentioned above. I have gone though enough mental trauma and want consumer court help to get solution for same. Need to know how to deal with cases where there is no response from Service Provider.

Pooja Khare

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