Harassment by whirlpool service India

Location/place: F 402 , Plot No3 , Sect 23 , Dwarka,New Delhi

Name of company/service: Whirlpool / Repair of fridge

I had purchased a fridge of whirlpool company model FF 350 approx. 5 years back.
The rubber gasket of the refrigirator door has gone faulty. It has been almost 2 months I have been chasing whirlpool India for a solution .As per whirlpool India, Delhi service person Mr. Kaushik the gasket is not available and since it is company’s fault hence as a special case company has offered us that we can buy any fridge of whirlpool make and company will give 50 % discount on the value of new fridge , he had sent us mail to this effect. However now the same person is telling us that we can only buy a similar value fridge on which he will give discount.
My main griveance is that
1. Since the product involved is a consumer durable that is a fridge then why the company is not having a part only after 5 years . The fridge bought by us as per company person himself is a high end and I am sure that a fridge is supposed to last more than 5 years . Whirlpool India itself gives 5 year warranty on compressor thus clearly showing that the expected life of the fridge is more than 5 years.
2. Since it is company’s mistake that they are not having the part then why should I be penalized and made to pay Rs 20000 to 30000/- for a new fridge when the part required to repair is not more than few hundreds of rupees.
3.We have written mail from the company that the comaonay will bear 50% cost of the new fridge , then how can a company person deny the same.

The above clearly shows that not only whirlpool company does not belives in providing service to its customer but it officials are not trustworthy.

Considering the above I will like the Honurable Consumer forum to direct whirlpool India to refund the amount spent by me on the purchase of refrigirator so that I can buy refrigirator of different comapany who are more consumer friendly.

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