Harassment by IDEA -unethical Balance Deduction

Location/place: Mira Road(E)

Name of company/service: Idea Cellular

Idea Mobile no- +91-9702209565

I have activated the above said number on 08/08/2012 evening .

Post activation i have recharged rs 37 to reduce the STD call rates to 0.30ps / Sec.

Everything was fine till 09/08/2012 morning and was happy with the calls.. all of sudden got msgs as “Success” from 58595 & 54300 . and subsequent sms on deduction of Balance from the Core Balance.

i tried calling the Call centre 12345 several times but calls were dropping before i reach to specific Menu.

Finally I was able to get in touch with CCE – “MATIN” around 2.00 pm( approx ) , he informed me that callback tone & Some other pack activated for which 38.00+30.00 =68.00 has been deducted . when i asked the reason he asked ” apko paisa wapas chahiye kya … me apka call supervisor ko transfer karta huin ” after some time mr Supervisor “Tahir” ( this is what i heard) received the call and inquiring my concern. but the call was disconnected.

Again i had called at 2:06pm and CCE – Aswhini had picked up the call .. same i had to narrate the same story .. she also forwarded the call to Supervisor saying ” apko paisa wapas chahiye kya … me apka call supervisor ko transfer karta huin ” . Then Another Supervisor picked up the call and i narrate the whole thing .. though the call clarity was not so good .. he heard all and was insisting me to call back some no for the balance refund.

i have the below concerns

After Mobile no activation – i have selected my preferred language as ” ENGLISH” but all the interaction with me was in Hindi .. Why ?
My question was why my balance was Deducted to the Call centre ? , But Both the time CCE concluded as Apka Paisa Wapas chahiye kya …??
The Answered call was so noisy that i could hear the other Executives voice and background noise.
The Way the CCE’s & Supervisor answering was like .. i have done a crime by calling them . my question here .. are they trained to speak to customer or this is the Idea Standard to behave with its customers.
How these promo services activated .. without my concern?
When i have not given request for any service to activate why it was activated and my money got deducted . is this the way “Idea” collects its revenue .
Need my deducted money returned and service to be deactivated .
Please ensure these kind of services to not get activated in future. or else definitely will knock the door of TRAI .

The first experience with IDEA service is really bad , thats why … my friends were suggesting other operators . With these kind of Service & Customer care .. sure you will loose the trust the customer.

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