harassment by hyundai service centre

Location/place: pantnagar

Name of company/service: hyundai

my hyundai car model i-10 era bought on 15 dec 2010 and no. uk06q8664 got struck with a stone on 10 march2012 which did tear the lid of gear box and all the gear oil flew away. unfortunately i was unaware and by the time car started showing symptom of some problem the car probably wud have ran for 20-30 km.i approached bindal hyundai rudrapur the nearest service centre and put my car there,after couple of days they told me damage and estimate of nearly 10-15 thousand…… the meantime i had been asking wen shall my car be repaired and they hv been complaining of unavailability of parts.wen it was almost one month crossed and i was not get ting any satisfactory ans , i complained to call centre on 9th of april and on 10thapril surprisingly god knows from where within a day,they managed parts and delivered me my car.wen i took trial , being crowded area i cudnt not notice any problem but next day wen driving on long route noticed a particular whistling sound in 5th gear which i told them but they said it will go away soon.wen this persisted again i went to bindal again they did some work kept the car for 4 days and delivered me but i was not satisfied. since running to service centre was creating problem with my professional life i consoled myself as they assurd me its not a big problem .again within a week i found my third gear not working i ran to bindal hyundai they took trial drive and told me there are some parts which are to be replaced and today wen i sent my car to service centre for repair they are saying complete gear box will be replaced. . sir my problem is how cud it happen service engineer once see the gear box ,estimates the damage, repairs it and within a month says whole gear box is to be replaced????///// secondly my car is within warranty period and iv heard hyundai parts are very durable how come a small drive without gear oil can damage whole gear box and if it has done so how cud the engineer did not find because repairing some parts and replacing whole gear box reflects huge contradiction. more over i hope its not there,that because of my complaint they hv done anything with malafide intention .so i want the concerned authority to interfare into the matter and plz save me from economical,physical and mental harassment and plz spare me from the cost of replacement of gear box as it is huge burden of almost 70000 for the mistake none of mine since wat they estimated earlier i paid and its not possible for me to pay again and again for the same problem. . expecting to hear soon from you . contact no 9453274351,9058924351…………………………………………….reagards jaiprakash yadav pantnagar

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