Harassment by Airtel by deactivating services

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Airtel

Hi my name is Karan Ahuja, Last year in Hyderabad i took corporate connection of Airtel as i was there for 3 months. when I came back to Delhi and i made all payments and requested to close my connection.

After 1 year i have visited hyderabad for my work which would be continued for few months. I took a new connection of Airtel. After 1 month of the time i started using airtel services, Airtel stopped all services on my number. They claim that service on my number has been stopped due to non-payment of the amount on my previous number which was already closed by me by making its cash payment in New Delhi. Now the Question arises if they were aware of the fact then why didn’t they have contacted me in 1 year, No mail, No letter at my address, No communication nothing, as payment was already made. Then why are the claiming such things, just to harass their customers.

As per airtel, customer care executives also its a straight away blame and allegation by them that might be i have not made the payment. How can they blame a customer who is already using 3 DTH, 1 DSL, 2Post Paid connection.

As per my discussion with Airtel Nodal Office and Airtel Appellate. they also claims the same and requested me to present the receipt number for the payment made, how can a person keep a receipt number for the payment which was made 1 year ago.

I’m completely offended by the way they have treated me and mentally what i am suffering from past 1 month due to Airtel.

I kindly request you to please advice me fairly.

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