Harassment at Vodafone Store

Location/place: Faridabad

Name of company/service: Vodafone

I am using Vodafone prepaid mobile number 9873053066 for the last 7 years. For the last 2 months i was on roaming so i had shut down my number.
Before that i used my number last on 2nd May,2012 and after coming back to Delhi i reinstated it on 30th June,2012.
I made a recharge of Rs550 via Vodafone India Online Shop.i had used this number on 30th June,2012 and 1st July,2012(till 5 pm) for incoming and ongoing calls and for SMS service.
But on 1st July ,2012 my number was disconnected permanently on the account of non usage for two months(as stated by customer care executive). Though i had provided proof for using my mobile within 60 days.I contacted customer care but they refused to lodge my complaint and asked me to visit my nearest Vodafone store. During my visit to Vodafone Store on $th July,2012 in Faridabad at BK Chowk, vodafone executives checked their CRM and details were found intact in their CRM as mentioned by me. So they started hiding their laptop screen from me as they were at fault. When i tried to see laptop , store Manager (Ritu Garg) started shouting at me that i cant see their laptop and also used abusive language. I warned her saying language she is using is inappropriate. Then she said we wont attend you as you touched our laptop and vacated the counter. Then i was about to check the laptop ,she pushed me from back and laptop fell on the desk itself. I said will complain against you to higher authorities and started moving out . She clutched both of my hands badly and dragged me on the floor , saying i broke the laptop and she wont let me out of the store. My mother was accompanying me to the store, my mother(age 59) tried to detach her from me , but she pushed my mother on the floor. My mother’s condition became bad, i asked Ms Ritu to leave me but she said we will take your mother to Hospital. To save myself i had to hit her. She called police and went in some inside room and cut her hand with blade and shown to poilce that i hit her so badly. As me and my mother were alone there, we got scared of police. She took us to some secluded room and asked us to write on paper that we will bear the expense of laptop otherwise she will take us to police station. She didnt even allow us to call our relatives for help. After that Vodafone people harrased us for money (Rs 2700) by calling up on daily basis.My brother has give Rs 2700 to them on 11th July,2012 as they had that written slip with them Please take some action against them as this is not the way to deal with customers.

Shilpa Taneja

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