harassment and persistant GPRS problem in mobile

Location/place: rajpura

Name of company/service: tata docomo

sir , my tata docomo mobile number is 919041184109. i am a customer of tata docomo and i have been using internet packs on my mobile almost daily vis tata docomo. i had internet pack activated on my mobile on sunday 30th july worth Rs 99 with 4GB and 6 weeks validity internet usage but after Sunday evening (30th July evening) , i am unable to use internet/ gprs facility on my mobile number. same is happening with my colleagues. we tried every possible maneuver eg. reinserting sim with new gprs settings , using different mobile, but i am unable to use gprs in my area. i live in gian sagar medical college hostel , rajpura, punjab. if i go out of rajpura then i am able to use gprs in my mobile but no gprs near my hostel area. i have contacted cumtomer care of tata docomo and daily for 5 days they are asking to call them back after 4 hours since according to them their system isnt updating. i am tired of telling customer care personals that being a prepaid customer of tata docomo , i cannot call customer care for more than 1 time in 24 hours. i came to know about this policy of Tata Docomo very late and it is such a harassing condition for customers. i visited tata docomo distributor cum sales office in Rajpura town with their contact number as 01762653227 but they just said that its not their problem and i should contact customer care. i told them that i am unable to contact customer care for more than just once in 24 hours and further more customer care only ask me to call back after 4 hours which is not possible within 24 hours. after this , officials sitting in Rajpura town didn’t even bother to listen to me and suggested me to wait for next 24 hours and try to call customer care again and again which seems like they are bothered to help their customer but rather kept on harassing me more. i asked them for contact number of some office personal who could help me but they simply refused to give any. i registered complaint on email with docket number 559051 on 31th july , 559966 on 1st of august ,561477 on 3rd of august but still i got no positive response from tata docomo and i am still unable to use GPRS on mobile in Gian Sagar Medical College and Jhansla area.
sir the harassment by Tata Docomo service and their invalid contacts has reached its limit . i here by request you to please take necessary action and get this problem solved.
Gaur Hari Das
gian sagar medical college

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