Harassment and defamation and non refund of house construction loan processing fees of Rs. 2500.00with accrued interest and all documents.

Location/place: kolkata – 152.

Name of company/service: IDBI Bank Garia R. C. Branch

Dear Sir,
Applied for the home loan of Rs.1200000.00 and submitted all the required documents along with the processing charges of Rs.2500.00 vide SBI cheque no. 602015 on June 2012 as needed. The process carried for 2-3 weeks .After 1 months of regular follow up with IDBI Bank, Garia R.C Branch, finally got a call regarding the Sanction/approval of my loan along with EMI Rs. 17760.00 by Miss Mega Agarwal, Credit Manager. But the sanction/approval order was not yet issued by the Assistant Manager; Mr. R. Khurana and then within two more additional weeks received a message from the Mr. R. Khurana that the loan cannot be given by him due to non availability of another S/B – A/c. except this existing salary account.
I needed the loan for the construction of my home on the plot now i am not in position to repay due to such unpleasant reply from the bank. Really not at all appreciate such a way the IDBI personals treat the customer just to gather the processing fees. Asked the personnel to return the original submitted papers along with processing fees of Rs. 2500.00 with interest thereon and that too is taken already a month and still not returned. Delays in sanction or non-observance of prescribed time schedule for disposal of loan application or non observance of any other directions or instructions of the Reserve Bank. Ombudsman would make recommendations after listening to parties. Since no one to listen i am submitting this grievance only harassment allegation. Hope to get some positive feedback and my original papers plus processing fees with accrued interest soon or surely have to seek legal government help to sort such nonsense.
Yours faithfully,

Ujjal Kanti Mishra
[email protected]
Kolkata – 700152.

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