Harassment against me

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: TATA PHOTON

o that I buy Tata Photon Plus Dongle for Rs 5000/- + recharge for the period of 6 months i.e. advance rental plan which was valid from 3rd July 2011 to 2nd Dec 2011 and given the connection no 9212099122.
o That without my intimation the plan was carried forward from 3rd Dec 2011.Photon plus [email protected] capping monthly rental plan. Charges from 10/12/11 to 2/1/12(bill period 3/12/11 to 2/1/12) and as such bill was raised under the above plan for Rs 811.24/-.
o I visited the dealer office and raised objection for raising the bill. However, the matter was sorted out over telephone with the intervention of Kanika Sharma (Nodal officer) and it was decided to deposit Rs 311/- and direction was given to Mr. Amit and Miss. Deepika who were the custodians to deal with the matter and were present at the counter of the office. However, Rs 311/- were deposited vide receipt no. 39525673 on 19/1/2012.
o After that I deposited RS 4000/- vide receipt no.40381 on 19/1/2012 for the next advance rental plan for the another six months i.e. 6th Feb to 5th Aug 2012.Instead of closing down my earlier plan Mr. Amit and Miss. Deepika created another connection on the same dongle and At later stage I came to know that another connection no. 9212602999 which was given to me was never actually activated at all. This fact is best known to the photon executives why my new connection no. 9212602999 was kept in abeyance and my earlier connection no. 9212099122 was not closed down and Bills For the connection no. 9212099122 raised again.
o To my dismay and agony again bill was raised w.e.f 03/01/2012 to 2/02/2012 for Rs. 1048/- and frequent visits were made by me in the photon office un-necessarily wasting my precious time with no result. Again I was told to deposit the bill and Photon no. 9212099122 will be de-activated and shutdown. Under the compelled circumstances I again deposited Rs.1050/- vide receipt no. 41735767 Dt. 2nd April 2012. Since the commencement of my net which was started 3rd Dec 2011 atleast more than 20 times my net was closed just on the pretext that my bills are still pending.
o It is informed that my net which was valid from the period 6th Feb 2012 to 5th Aug 2012 finally was de-activated/ Shut down w.e.f 20th May 2012 till date.
It is understood how respected executives take car e of their valuable customer’s under such prevailing circumstances and Keeping in View above facts and circumstances I never made any request to activate my net beyond 20th May 2012 as I was tired/ Exhausted to visit time and again in the office of the photon which I thought was entirely wasting my valuable time and energy.

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