Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Barclay / Credeit Card

Dear Team,

I am harassed by Phoenix ARC to made the payment which I already done. They are threatening & used abused language to me & my father, my father is not well they are senior citizen, kindly help us from this harassment.
My card number is 4339485352529157 & Barclay bank convert the amount (25000) in Installment & Block the card in 2009, after 2009 till 2011 I submit about 45000/- till yet & still they are forcing to made payment of total 26000 & principle 7000/- when i always ask them to provide the total detail which i submitted but they clear said they do not provide the same. as per me i have already made excess payment. I have all cash receipt. Two time they said this the final amount kindly paid it & their would be not due on card but still they are asking for payment.

I send many mail to Kotak (which is manageing to Barclay Credit card dispute) but they havent responde any mail.

Now Phoenix ARC (Arjun Singh) are threatening & used abused language to me & my father they are continuously Phone to us & used abused language.

I am mentally disturbed from this same my father, they are forcing me to made payment which i already made.

PHone Number they are using. 65678911

Card Blocked date :- 8/09

Card Number “= 4339485352529157

iNSTALLMEnt :- 25000/12

paid all installmetn & made 25000/- still the amount is same.

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