handset still in ASC for repairing

&lt;p&gt;&lt;b&gt;Location/place&lt;/b&gt;: ahmedabad&lt;/p&gt;<p><b>Name of company/service</b>: micromax</p>I Purchased a micromax canvas (A100) from homeshop 18 and after using it for about a month i found the display flickering. since i didnt have time i went to the authorised service center in the month of may 2013. The phone is still in warranty period. I submitted my handset on 11th may 2013 and the technicians present there told me that it will be repaired within 10-15 days. After 15 days when i called them they told me that the company has not sent them the parts so it is still unrepaired. I Called the all india customer service number of micromax (011-44770044) and they told that within next 7 days you will get your handset. After 7 days i called them again and they said that it will take 7 more days. I shouted on them and asked them to call me back since i wanted to talk to a senior person but he was unavailable. I also told them that i literally want a call back and i also told them that i mailed you several times but didnt get a reply. I like a fool had to tell them that reply me and they didnt even ask ke about my email id. I told them that [email protected] is my id and then did they pay attention to it. I was promised to get a call back within next 24 hours but didnt get any. so i called them once again and asked them that why didnt i get a call and as usual they just said sorry for the inconvenience. I was in great anger and told the representative that i want to talk to a senior person. Initially he denied by saying that the senior person is in a meeting. I yelled and then he called a person who said that he was a senior supervisor. I explained the whole situation to him and he also said we understand your problem i am sorry for the inconvenience and he said that he will forward my problem in the priority list. I also warned them that i might move to the consumer court if within 2 daya i didbt get a call back and feedback about my problem. He said that within 5 days they will call me and then give me feedback about how much more time they will be taking to repair my handaset but still i didnt get any call back and yesterday i called the authorised service center to ask them what the company has told them. The man at the service center (whose phone no. is 8488078000) told me that the service center will remain closed for 3-4 days i asked him the reason for that but he didnt answer then he transferred the call to another man who said the same thing i again asked the reason but he also didnt answer then he in turn transferred to another person who said that the center will b closed for 2 days i asked him the reason angrily he said some work is going on. I said i dont know about that i just want my handset back he said call me after 4 days and then i will b able to tell you about the status of the handset. I scolded him because whenever i used to ask him about the status he used to say you yourself call the company on 011-44770044 and get your query solved but this time i asked him that why the hell is he running that centre if he cant give the answers and he shouted on me and said whosoever are you,you dont have the status and position and right to talk to me like that. I asked him to keep his voice low because he doesnt have the right to shout back even when the customer is shouting and then i disconnected the call because he didnt stop shouting and yelling. I called the customer care again and told them that yesterday i was put on hold for 12 minutes and then the call got disconnected without even informing me anything. The girl on the other side like other representative said the same thing ” we are sorry” . I even told her about the behaviour of the man at the service center and once again i got to hear sorry rather than anything else. I told her that i want to speak to your senior and she said that they dont have the authority to transfer the calls to senior so i asked her that whom did i talk to then when i had previously called so she said may be the senior was on call. what bullshit is this how can a senior sit on inbound/outbound dialling. Then she had no answer for me.

job sheet number – W010391-0513-3698282
complaint number – 2805132917

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