Hands up by Godrej to repair refrigerator.

Location/place: Chennai, India

Name of company/service: Godrej

I bought a Godrej Pentacool 470L in Aug.2005
Since May this year,I have been experiencing cooling problems. Godrej took a month to visit us and when they finally did, quickly advised us to go for a new refigerator without even checking properly. When we said that we are ready to repair and even replace compressor if needed, Godrej personnel (after another 2 weeks)proudly confessed that the company had used imported compressors in the make and hence could not help us.We were informed that the PCP board of the fridge was also not working and would check availability from Mumbai office. We are waiting for their reply without a refrigerator now for almost 2 months. What i fail to understand is that how can such a big company not cater to their own product which they have manufactured. 7 yrs is not a very long time for such a huge fridge. Instead of replacing parts and helping customers we are stranded and don’t know where to go.

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