Hackling of students

I have taken admission in this institute a year ago and have successfully completed my 01 year diploma course of operation thetre technician from this institute. But today is our result date and certification date on 04.07.2018 bit they denied to hand over my result and certificates as because 5 bills are missing from my end which I have all ready paid and the ledger has been maintained from the institutions end. When I asked them to cheque the ledger they denied and asked a gd copy from my local police station. I told them to handover the certificates along with my result and I will give them the gd copy on next day but they denied. So my question is that in this scenario I will think that the ledger has not been maintained by the institution properly if it has been maintained then it’s not a problem to find out those missing bills from the institutions carbon copy of the ledger. Please take necessary steps against this kind of hacking systems.

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Souvik Dutta
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