Grossly negligent customer service & refusal to cancel services

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Reliance Broadband

Situation: Appalling customer rights in the biggest democracy in the world!

Issues: I was a broadband subscriber with Reliance since 2010. Services were perfect. I even paid them bills to the tunes of INR.6000/-+…when i needed i used services to the core or even more & dint mind paying(they never had any bill limit to avoid bill shock)…off late since nov’2011 I started facing issues with speed, frequent complaints fell on deaf ears…i changed area,systems, nothing worked. I askd them to send an engineer as my schedules at work dont allow me to search for a svc center which is open on a public holiday or sunday when im free…plus i felt this long relation with them augurs for some personalized service especially when i was complaining after 18mths…their cust services say if you get a speed of 20-40kbps its average & normal, which i found contradictory as they promise upto 3.1mbps when u sign up.Ater-sales is so pathetic that vitually i got no help…finally by march’2012& april’12 the dongle started respomding…my several complaints were ignored as whenever i complain afresh they take me thru the same troubleshooting steps…I even said when i pay for the service i should get proper service & not this generic services…if u want money provide me with service…same cold shoulders…finally i asked them to cancel..people took request…services wer not cancelled…whn i call they offer credit, i reffuse as i want service not crdit…i dint pay my march bill…aprilthey billed me again. I said to them again cacnel servicessend me final inv & ill pay u off to your back….no response…customer has to pay first to cancel services which then takes 10days then they call you & finally undersatnd that they cant retain you…they cancel it according to their whims & fancies…it all seemed to me as a customer i dont even have the choosing rights to cancel something that i cant use…so i made it a point i wont pay untill they cancel services from the day i cd not use services…then began the harrassment calls, when i started ignoring their calls, they resort to text messaging…& finally threatening with legal consequences & appraring in court….MY QUESTION TO YOU IS AS I CUSTOMER WHERE DO WE INDIANS STAND??? WHY ARE NO MEASURES TAKEN BY TRAI TO STANDARDIZED SERVICE QUALITY??? WHY DO WE FING SHARKS LIKE THESE RAPING THE BY-LAWS IN OUR LAW???? WHAT IS THE END TO IT???

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