Grievances against a Telecom Operator neither addressed by the Operator nor by the Regulatory Authority-TRAI.

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Vodafone

Dear Sir,

This is with regards to my mobile number-9899279984 of Vodafone which I had for almost last eight years in the name of Mohammad Imran, now ported to Airtel.

I would like to bring to your notice the kind of pathetic treatment which I was given to me in spite of being an eight year loyal and profitable customer of the operator. Due to the rigid 3G pricing structure and very flexible 3G pricing structure of other competitors like Airtel/Reliance I had decided to Port my number to any other operators and accordingly I called up the customer care help line number on 15th Dec 2011 and expressed my feeling to do so. My
call was transferred to retention team and I accordingly discussed and explained to them the reasons why I was wanting to port and Vodafone was not able to provide what their competitors were providing in the open market and they agreed to the same and informed me about the procedures to port my number. But in the whole communication I was
never told that my outgoing calls would be barred for more than two hours that too in the night.

I realized this when I tried to make calls from my phone in the evening around 8 pm. I was fed up with this and I contacted the help line again in the same night
at around 10.30 pm and I was confirmed that my outgoing calls were barred because I was porting the number then I said neither these are terms and conditions of porting laid down by TRAI nor I was informed by the retention team who explained to me about the procedures of PORTING. I was told that my outgoing would start in the next 6 hours.
It did not happen. I made an advance payment of Rs300/- and also wrote to them not to bar any services in the same night of 15th Dec. I again called the help line the next morning (16th Dec 2011) and said that my outgoings are still not started he again confirmed that it would start in the next 2 hours.

The kind of mental agony and harassment I went through I can not explain this in words. The financial losses which I made because of not being able to make important and urgent calls amounts to almost Rs
200000/- (Rs Two Lacs Only).Who will compensate my financial loss and the credit loss in the market? You can check my credit history not just with the operator but overall and you can satisfy yourself. You can check my history of Bill payments with
the operator in the last eight years. In spite of all these things I have had to face this kind of pathetic customer service and behavior from them. It’s inexplicable for me.


To bring to your notice I had complained to their call centre as mentioned above. When I did not get a satisfactory reply I wrote to their nodal officer for Delhi through Speed post no-EU305342858IN on 22nd December 2011 which was delivered on 24th December 2012. The Nodal Officer neither acknowledged nor reverted back to me within 90 days as directed by TRAI guidelines. I had written to TRAI vide Speed Post No-EU305374657IN on 20th March which was delivered on 22nd March but that has not been replied to so I am writing to the Honorable PMO, Government of India and Department of Telecommunications. If something like this can happen to a customer like me I assume things would not be great for Indian consumers.

Would appreciate action against the operator and settlement of my compensation claim of Rs.200000/-

Thanks and Regards
Mohammad Imran
D-10/1, Azam Mazil, Okhla Vihar,
Jamia Nagar, New Delhi
[email protected]

I can provide the documentary evidence of all the facts written above.

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