Location/place: Bhubaneswar

Name of company/service: reliance

Dear Sir,
The purpose of writing this letter to you of the meaningfully functioning of Reliance Telecom Services customer care in an arbitrary manner, unfair means and mental torture to its bonafide trusted customers. I have taken institutional corporate connections using Reliance GSM number vide customer relationship no 200040032593 for the last 6 months. Since I bought this connections for my corporate use, I have informed your customer care office for weak signal in the area where I live and other roaming destinations. But when I contact the reliance executives, they say” we will improve your signal strength in two hours ” this is what they are doing from last two months and no improvement of signal as yet.

In view of weak signal, I have requested for MNP (Mobile No. Portability) in the month of February 2012. I have cleared all dues to Reliance Communication Ltd (Service provider). I got a message from customer care that: “Request Rejected due to: There are subsisting contractual obligations from the subscriber Agreement.” and the request for transfer is rejected.

I went to the web world, contacted 198, sent e-mails Reliance customer care including Reliance Nodal Officer, but no body has given proper reply to me. I think. any responsible person should solve my problem. Actually in the recent “TRAI guidelines provided easier terms for consumer to port. A key directive is that operators should not reject mobile number portability (MNP) request if the amount due from the customer is Rs10 or less (rounded off to the nearest rupee). The amount can be adjusted in the customer’s next bill. Another reason for porting requests being denied is ‘contractual obligation’, particularly in the case of premium or vanity numbers. Now, TRAI has ruled that ”since numbering is allocated free of charge by the licensor, service providers are not justified in putting any condition for retaining premium numbers under the garb of contractual obligation.”

In my instant case there is violation of contralutuial obligation by service provider because I am having a postpaid connection with low signal strength and the services are not sufficient to my requirement for prompt communications and networking. They are simply delaying my complaint. Actually MNP is a customer right but here Reliance is denying that right for me.

I have called number of times to discontinue/termination of some of the sim services except retaining 7 nos for my personal use. But I am still getting charged exorbitant rent, calling charges, VAS and unfair billing for the unused nos with activation of unused / teminated numbers taking place automatically. It’s very frustrating. When I bring such to the notice of Reliance executives some amount being waived off and I have to pay hefty rent charges including my unused/terminated numbers.

I requested the reliance orissa branch for the migration of reliance post paid to Prepaid Connection or else I will be forced to apply for MNP to other service providers with an intimation to TRAI. Untill now the officials concerned are not doing the process instead stalling the process of migration due to the reasons corporate connection agreement. As such I am not aware of any such agreement except filling of the application form. The following numbers are requested for migration :

Mobile Nos. from postpaid to prepaid migration.
8260999989/7735731288/9778988888/7735730470/9861799999/7735731304/ 7735731305. A formal request is also submitted in your Reliance Bhubaneswar office in April but no action as yet in respect of migration to prepaid.

It is also to mention that this is a pure harassment and the customer service I received was bad, they don’t know to treat customers fairly; I’m very disappointed with all this. Suddenly, the customer service people after receiving my request for prepaid migration disconnected my outgoing call facility and roaming calls including MMS/VAS of the numbers above cited. Again on my personal contact at the web world and constant fallow up with the customer care executives my numbers got activated and this took almost four days to resolve.

Again to my surprise, when I applied for MNP with other service provider on clearing my dues much above the rental amount ie Rs.9000 against the bill amount of Rs.6484, suddenly I received another invoice asking for payment for the amount of Rs. 5631.34 and to be paid by 14/6/2012. I contacted the reliance web world and met the officials concerned, they said to me that it was a reversal payment for the march as a cheque payment was made , but there was no cheque payment on my side and the bill which was presented to me shows payment adjustments. But when I met the officials they said to me that due to human error, the march bill was not raised to me and was unpaid and the amount raised now is the adjustment of the arrear bill and the remaining balance being raised. The correspondence is produced here below.

Dear Sir,

As discussed , please find the last invoices generated against the account.

Month Invoice Adjustments Payment Payment Date
March 9146.40 999.30 0.00 na
April 9235.93 0.00 9490 02.05.2012
May 6484.00 0.00 9000 09.06.2012

Necessary reversals due to human error has been done in your account ( refer Amount Rs 8147).

Thanks & regards
Kallol Saha
MOBILE : 9861512120

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Dear Customer,

Thank you for the prompt payment of your Reliance account.
We received your payment of Rs 9000 on date 09-06-2012 08:26:36 AM

Details of payment made in the month of May are as given below:
Transaction detail
Relationship Number 200040032593
Subscriber Number 9861799999
Payment Date & time 09-06-2012 08:26:36 AM
Payment Amount (Rs) Rs. 9000
Payment Towards Invoice
Payment Mode DEBIT CARD

I have been facing the issue of misguidance & harassment from Reliance Mobile Service.Firstly they communicated the incorrect bill asking me to make the payment of march. Secondly I was given with the inappropriate bills with totally different plan as discussed with me. When I registered the complain, they are not taking any actions, many times my incoming & outgoing serves are barred because of which I had to face a lot of personal & financial losses & disturbances.

Hence I want to appeal to get this investigated and claim compensation for the mental torture that I faced due to the customer service that I received and my new request for migration to prepaid or MNP to other service provider be consider immediately.

Hope my appeal will be treated promptly.

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