Got cheated on offer from AIRTEL DTH

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Airtel DTH


This is in regards to the complaint against Airtel DTH services. My DTH Account no is 3006459639. I stopped viewing Airtel DTH from September 2012. As I did not recharge my account got deactivated and in January 2013 I got a call from Airtel customer care that If I recharge for 6 months I will get 6 months free and they say its Republic day offer and should recharge on or before Jan 26 2013. It means I can view for 12 months by paying for 6 months. I Called up 12150 on Jan 26 2013 evening to get confirmation whether the offer is true and whether I am eligible for this offer. Customer care guys confirmed that offer is true and I should recharge with exactly Rs. 2718. if I pay more or less than this amount I am not eligible for this offrer. So I paid 2718 through my credit card. Now on the next day I got confirmation that my account is activated and is valid till Sep 16 2013. Now as per their promise I should get the validity date until Jan 26 2014. Thought of wrong update and raised request against this to get the correction in the expiry dates. Now Airtel says I am not eligible for the offer and they say sorry for the wrong communication. But will sorry pay me my money back. Please provide justice on this. These Airtel people record the conversations and they know each and everything but they do not provide perfect resolution.

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