Got call from HDFC rewards payback department

I am a victim of fraud call . On Jun 16th 2018 I got a call from this number +91 81275 09318 and saying we are from HDFC rewards points payback department. Then started telling my first four digits of my credit card details for confirmation and then said you have 9k reward to get this credited to your account need some information from my end and I said transfer that money to my credit card . But they refused and said your card is not registered in payback portal hence give me any other back card details then will transfer.
I suspected they are fake and asked them , that person goroav Sharma gave his employer id and office location address details and then I gave my citi back credited card . He said for the security reasons we will send some OTP that will just hold your money and open your application process credit the money to your account . Somehow me made me to agree and took 20K post that said your card is allowing only 5k to credit hence give another card so that from my end process will get close money will credit to you then I gave my standard charted credit card he took again 20k .. in total .. in the middle he took 5k extra from my savings account too. Of course it’s my bad to tell OTP .. but what should I do .. I was thinking only on the money which I lost . Unfortunately i didn’t get anything . I went to police station to rise FIR but they did not accept this complient since it a online credit card swipe..

So I suggest everyone to be careful as many of us will receive such calls.
Please don’t share any of your card details , OTP , password, cvv etc…

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