Got a Postpaid Mobile Bill of Rs.30315 (credit limit is 3700)

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Airtel India

I have a Postpaid Connection of Airtel (9900098254) since last 18 Months, & got my GPRS for 1 GB plan being activated in the month of Jan ’12.This month ie may’2012 , i have got a bill of Rs.30315. When i queried airtel customer care abour my bill , they told that 2GB plan was activated for me for 4 month and this got expired in April, so no internet discount will be given, hence bill is mentioned amount.But my query is if i have not activated any 2 GB plan for 4 month, why that was there for my account and if any plan get expired then that should be well communicated to customer so that they can decide their usage.

Also they should not change any plan without informing customer and generate any invalid bill.This is totally case of harassing customer by telling them about invalid plan and illogical bill.

Pls help us as this is not new thing..its keep happening.I am totally dissatisfied with my airtel connection.

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