Gokulam chits and finance is a No.1 cheating Company

Location/place: Tamilnadu

Name of company/service: Gokulam Chits

Gokulam chits and finance is a No.1 cheating Company and they will commit you that they will release the chits properly. Nothing would happen as such. Instead, they got my property and never releasing the same and now i am in trouble. Five crores worth of property which is the only family asset of ours has got struck with fraud Gokulam Chits and finance and i have thought of Directly meeting our Honourable Chief Minister for getting a remedy. Just for two dues which are pending from me which is worth of around 2,00,000/- only , they are holding my property and asking 50,00,000/- interest. These people are Money makers and frauds . They are cheating the Nation. I have already approached the Complaints NETWORK association for revealing all their SINS.

Kindly join together with me and let us fight and protect the Innocent public from this FRAUD GOKULAM CHITS AND FINANCE.

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