Location/place: Shyambazar/Kolkata

Name of company/service: Godrej


Soumyajit Bhattacharya
C/O-Barun Kumar Maitra,
41, Lalit Mitra Lane,

Sub: Godrej AC Model No. GSC12FS3WIH

Capacity : 1 ton

Purchase date: 15-06-11

Invoice No: SH/01039/11-12.

Dealer name: Raipur Electronics PVT. LTD., Shyambazar Branch.

Dear Sir,

The above machine was bought by me from the aforesaid dealer on June 15, 2011 and the invoice was made to me by the said dealer at my permanent house i.e. 111, Mallikpur, Uttar (Hindu Para), Kolkata – 700145 and as per my instruction the machine was installed in my room in 41, Lalit Mitra Lane, Shyambazar, Kolkata – 700004. The room size is L-10.4ft. x W-9ft. x H-11 ft.

After purchasing this machine they have installed the same on very next day. Since then I have a strong and specific complain against the functioning of this machine. My nature of complain was very clear, when I switch on the machine, for example the room temperature is 32 degree centigrade and I set the ac at 22 degree centigrade. It comes to 27-26 within 20 minutes and from there it takes nearly 45 minutes to come to 25 degree centigrade and from 25 it takes another half an hour to come down to 24. Meaning which, even after running for 2-3 hours it doesn’t come to 22 degree centigrade (which I have set) and for this the auto cut not functioning and the cooling is also not up to the mark.

In spite of my repeated complain, only the complain was attended by the technician in several times but no technician could not rectify the above defect till date. I hope, you will agree with me deliberately the technicians killing my time and the warranty period for the machine.

Now the warranty period is about to expire (expiring date 15.06.12).

Incidentally, I would mention, lot of mechanics came to my house but could not repair the fault. Finally, they remove the machine from my house and took it to the workshop for final checking on 25.05.12. and assured me that it would be repaired this time. The machine was again reinstalled on 04.06.12. Even after taking so much time for thorough checking at the workshop my ac machine remain faulty as it is. No defect was repaired which I informed to the Godrej Executive, Mr. Barun Gupta and he came to my house for checking the machine again on 05.06.12. Most unfortunately, he found that the defect remains unchanged and in Mr. Gupta’s opinion the machine should be checked out by the Goderj Regional Trainer, Mr. S.N. Adhikary very shortly. But thereafter, 5 days have passed nobody turn-up to check the machine. Whenever I am lodging my complain repeatedly I am getting the reply from the office that they will inform me when the Regional Trainer will visit and check the machine once again. It is needless to mention, I am only suffering. No rectification, no action has been taken by Godrej Company as yet.

Now I would like to draw your kind attention, as a citizen of India I do demand replacement of the machine; when I have paid their price, Godrej should give me a correct machine without any defect.

As a customer after paying as per the Godrej price I should not carry out the burden with a defective machine. My complaint should be treated with a customer care service point of view.

I solicit your favourable decision and in anticipation of the same I thank you very much for attending my complain.

Hope, you will advise me your course of action.

Yours sincerely,

Soumyajit Bhatatcharya

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