Gas Connection Deactivated

Location/place: Harda

Name of company/service: HP GAS Agency


I am Kapil Gour

8 years ago when I was in Harda (Balagaon with my parents ) I purchased a connection which was 631010 Kapil Gour Harda Balagaon, (SV Date 02/08/2004)

Now I am in Indore (with my wife) from last 7 years,
And recently I purchased another connection which is 714800 (placed at Indore) Kapil Gour , 06-A Sunder Nagar Ext.Indore. (SV Date 07/05/12) (Purchased before duel connection policy).

Now the problem is one connection (631010 placed at Harda,Balagaon) has been deactivated, I have raised a complaint for the same (Comp No/Reference No. 12091824) and asked to their Customer care executive so many time that Why did deactivated the connection (631010) when one is placed at Harda balagaon and second one is placed at Indore and 631010 is run by my father (parents’)in Harda and 714800 is running by me in Indore. And request you to kindly activate my connection 631010 or transfer to my father’s name but The just forcing to submit the connection.
Please resolve this issue as fast as possible.. So that services can be taken properly as effectively

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