Froud/Cheating in holiday packages with bag it today

Location/place: Porbandar – Gujarat

Dear sir

order ID-1012984​044,101298​4295,10129​84188,5555​55896rr& 555557887

in december 2011 one call from ankush jain (bag it today)and he told me about holiday packages convenced me about booked these 3 packages each one of rs 2999 total amount rs 8997 mr ankush assured me about gift 3 big travelbags + ! wrist watch + ! sun glasses + I pod

after some days I rcvd all three packages but not gift many times I calld him but not picking phone.

After some times call from ankush and told me about more holiday packages I denied it than he thratning me you lost ur all money and we are not sending any gift

than in may 2012 once again call from aaryan( bag it today) he told me about packages and told me about I M wining gift becouse I booked packages and if I booked more 2 packages and company give me 2 gifts such as dell laptops and hcl tab 10 inch some how I convenced and I booked 2 packages (rs 5998 + rs 7999 = 13997 ) after few days I rcvd both packages but not rcvd any gifts

I called to aaryan and he said he is sending within few days but still I M waiting these gifts after many calls but still I M waiting these gifts

now I realized this big group cheated me I M victim of this froud I lost all my money total rs 22994 I want back my money or those gift as early as possible

I have all recording of all discution with bag it today represtetives I maild many times but no answer from him

also I complained in bag it today complain no. 783649

please do something back my money

Rajesh P Joshi

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