Froud Address and Froudly taken money no refund

One a msg in my mobile that
Earn 4000 to 5000k daily at home by making Paper plate,phone covers,Agarbatti,bag , with 5 yr agreement for more detail Ph-07428837066(Time:10:30 to 5:30)
And i was talking on this number they said that u give advance and we provide u a paper plate machine and also provide the row materials with five years Agreement. Then they called and said u give advance and remaining amount after delivered the machine I gave him a Rs. 10,000/- from chaque I have ful detail af this amount of chaque they gave me his Bank account details I hv also the photo copy of chaque which was deposited to his account. After some days they call and said that your machine is ready to dispatch and u give the remaining amount but I told that first I will visit to your site and then give the remaining amount. I was gone from Mumbai to Delhi and call this number around 100 times but they dnt received my call after that going to this address wich was shown in his letterhead but the address was froud and after that they dnt call me and also not pick the call and my amount which was given him advance is not refund back.

So I have to request you that please resolve my problem


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