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Location/place: Noida

Name of company/service: Samsung

Dear Sir,
I would like to bring your kind notice that my galaxy note offer returned by blue dart Courier unnecessary without calling me on cell no. 9371012975. Now this delivery is still not delivered my updated new address. Your mail is showing “update the details before 31st May” & mail received by me 04th June-2012.How can is this possible? If your offer is fake please confirm it by return mail.
Please update me what is the status of my offer?
Details are as below:
1. IMEI No. : 359548047956896
2. Cell No. : 9371012975
3. Registration date : 13th May-2012
4. Invoice No. & date : gip/12-13/371 13th May-2012
5. Date of Dispatch : 18th May-2012
6. Way Bill No : 43894438044
7. Delivery Status : Returned
Till date i am not aware of any decision

Vijay Pratap Singh

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