Fraund and harrasement by VISASSIMPLY

My name is Gaurav Garg. I had hired VISASSIMPLY as my consultant for Australia immigration. VISASSIMPLY supposed to provide me PR + job consultancy in Australia, application, and visa process assistance. Below are the grief I underwent with this company/consultant.
1- Changing their managers many times to handle my case- I hired VISASSIMPLY last year on 26th March 2013.- Since then, the company has changed my case managers 5-6 times As a result I had to narrate my whole case myself to all case manager that too every time. Though I requested each case manager to take inputs from previous case managers. This was first incidence VISASSIMPLY quaked my trust level from them.
2- Miscommunication from VISASSIMPLY, resulted application for my wife’s skill assessment (loss of 60 thousands of rupees and 4 months)- Then next step was to give IELTS exam. VISASSIMPLY asked me and my wife to give IELTS exam, and mean while they would process for my skill assessment. They mentioned that I need total score of 7, and my wife needs total score of 6. We scored 6.5 and 6 as total score for me and wife respectively. On this VISASSIMPLY said that since my score is 6.5 and not 7, I shall then either give IELTS again to score 7 or in case If I go for skill assessment for my wife and if it comes out positive, then I would get extra 5 points on behalf of my wife’s positive skill assessment. I recheck this from VISASSIMPLY again and asked if I should give IELTS exam again, VISASSIMPLY suggested that I should go for skill assessment for my wife paying 65 thousands for it. I applied for my wife’s skill assessment and it came out positive.
3- Mistakes in my skill assessment result, observed and communicated by me only, not at all realized by VISASSIMPLY- When my skill assessment result was declared and shared with me by ACS, I understood that in my skill assessment total no. of years of work experience considered in letter were inappropriate. Though on my initiative, I shared this gap from my side with VISASSIMPLY and then they took it into consideration. Then after consulting the authority again on this mistake they got it sorted. However, being my consultant to who I am even paying their fee for their services, I did not find any first attempt from their side but in-fact always found casual approach towards my case
4- Continuation of miscommunication, my wife to give IELTS exam again- But a big shock, VISASSIMPLY said that my wife needs 6.5 score in each band in IELTS to have extra 5 points benefit to me. We had argued and discussed a lot on this with VISASSIMPLY and at last VISASSIMPLY ask sorry for miscommunication towards this in beginning. This miscommunication cost me a loss of 65 thousands rupees spent on my wife’s skill assessment. My wife then gave IELTS exam again. Again an extra cost of 10 thousand rupees I had to suffer from. And more painful I lost many months.
5- Heights of miscommunication, I had to give IELTS exam again- After all these problems, ultimately my wife gave IELTS exam again and she scored 6.5 in each band as asked by VISASSIMPLY. But now again a torturing news from VISASSIMPLY, they mentioned that the EOI points system has been changed recently, and I cannot get any advantage of my wife’ skill assessment and her IELTS score thus is also not important. By this time I had already lost all my hopes from VISASSIMPLY. To reconfirm this, I asked VISASSIMPLY to provide me an update on when this EOI points system has been changed. I followed and asked this thing many timed may be 7-8 times on emails and phone calls, but I haven’t still yet received any information on it from their side. I have given a second IELTS exam in June’14 since I had no other choice left and now awaiting for the results.
6- All follow-ups done by me, no any first information/update from VISASSIMPLY- To add more pain to all these sufferings, it was always me who had to take any latest update on my case from VISASSIMPLY. VISASSIMPLY never provided me any information or update from their side first, I had always chased up them to send me latest information or updates on my case. Even though, I received very few updates from VISASSIMPLY which they sent until I followed with them for not below than 3-4 follow ups.
7- Ignorance towards EOI result, result not even seen on EOI portal – Among the most important service to check the progress with the govt. authorities. My EOI result was out and after one week when I checked and talked to VisasSimply and then they told about some issues with the point system which they are never able to explain.
8- No change in VISASSIMPLY’s behaviour/attitude even after writing emails mentioning I would escalate this with consumer forums.
9- One of Case manager suggested us to not to plan family as it might gave us a negative point

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