Fraudulent Trasaction in SBI Credit Card

Location/place: Chennai

I saw two transaction of 58,000 each charged from China on 22-Jan-2013 and immediately reported to the SBI card authority, they blocked my card and asked me to put them for dispute, did that too.
Then drama started, every time I called SBI card, I’m given falsified information like this will be closed in 48 hours, 7 days, 22 days, 42 days adn now some one is saying that it will take minimum 120 days.
Every time I was assured not to worry and no need to pay anything and now the supervisor from SBI card called me and saying I shoudl pay it within time to avoid additional charges.

My complain is against the false information and raising my mental agoney due to that. Its terrible to deal with such unconfirmed rules/policies from a financial organization.
Thanking you,
– Siddhartha Kundu.

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