Fraudulent Transfer from my AC

Rs. 9999/.. got debited from my SBI Pension AC,held at JKGRAM Branch of THANE West, MUMBAI, fraudulently to AIRTELMONEY as printed in my passbook later on. The person on phone representing SBI informed me about BLOCKAGE of my ATM facility and asked me to provide PIN. I argued at length about warnings and cautions received as messages but the fellow persisted and he informed I would receive some message in this matter. While reading message I noticed some transaction and abruptly stopped after informing 4 digits of my PIN, but it was late. I received another message for debit of Rs 2000 more but I STOPPED interacting with the person and approached my local SBI Bank at Navsari, who immediately Canceled my ATM Card and also helped me in blocking WITHDRAWAL facility from my AC. Later on I came to know from this site that similar FRAUDS has been done with many others. It is amazing how and why such notorious people or gangs are not nabbed by Authority. No doubt first mistakes are from less alert citizens like me, but is it IMPOSSIBLE for our SUPER SMART CYBER OFFICIALS to put an END to such FRAUDS? Certainly NOT, I am sure some day i will get back my hard earned money back. UDAY B SHAH

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