Fraudulent services

Noorani ….. Used to daily call me to sell their Bulksms services .. after a few day discussion I bought their services. After buying the services were not working . They said they would provide customers too besides their services . But once. I paid the money they just neglect my calls. There were many difficilties in operating their website for sending sms . So asked them to send a booklet , or a training session CD to.understand his sofwtare. But he never ever cared to do it. Later I asked him I can’t send Bulk sms and kindly refund .. Upon this , he doesn’t pick up my phone. Previously he used to call daily to sell his product and once he received my money , he never calls to solve the problem but instead he also does not pick my phone.
I am really fed up with this person . Please help to recover .
Their mobile. contacts are : +91 88170 76230, 9575698952,
07312341452, ….
Their websites :,

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