Fraudulent Gift Vouchers/

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: Big Bazaar

I have ICICI Credit card for the points earned though the purchase I had redeemed gift vouchers of Future Bazaar/Big Bazaar.

I received through courier 4 gift vouchers in multiples of Rs.250.

I went to the below outlet of BIGBAZAAR 8th July




CHENNAI 600 017.
First the outlet shop said one voucher is only valid and then they said 2 more are valid and finally after an hour struggle they said 3 are valid and one is not invalid

I am surprised as I placed the request thru net and the vouchers came through courier and we took all the 4 to the shop and one is not valid . In what way is we customer would be on fault

It was very embarrassing in the shop and it took more than an hour for them to tell us this problem . The whole billing was affected as people were standing in long line. We with kids had to leave the shop by 10,00pm , we as if were defaulters , they took us separately to a place and we were standing for more than an hour with my 2 kids ageing 3 and 11 years old .

It was very pathetic to get an voucher and to face this situation , where as we are in no fault.

I made a complaint to ICIC – points division which is called PAY BACK and to Future Bazaar on 9th July.

After great follow up’s on 18th July they had sent a mail to be that it was their error and it was rectified and i could go again and redeem the voucher .

It was NO FAULT OF a customer to wait for 10 days and again to spend the fuel and go to the same shop to redeem this voucher valid for rs.250/-

I have all mails to this correspondecne and I want people to be aware of this kind of activities

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