Fraudulent charges on my MTNL Dolphin number

Location/place: Alaknanda/ New Delhi

Name of company/service: MTNL Dolphin charges

I have kept an MTNL Dolphin mobile number (Delhi 9868391078) as a standby at home which is under zero rental plan.

Since I rarely use this number to make calls, I expect none to minimal billing on my number.

However, since Jan 2012, I am being charged Rs.20 or Rs.40 every month against SMS charges.

I logged a complaint on the MTNL Dolphin website (Case no. 370642) in Feb, which is unattended to date.

Since I kept getting these charges, I called up the MTNL helpdesk in April and they confirmed that these charges are incorrect and would be reversed in “next bill” upon full payment of the current dues.

I paid off all my incorrectly charged dues in April, but I continued to get these fraudulent SMS charges in every subsequent bill. Upon inquiring again in June, I was told that these SMS charges are incorrect and that the previous complaints have not been attended to. I was again asked to pay the incorrect dues and assured that the charges would be reversed.

However, no reversals have happened so far and I am being penalized by MTNL for fraudulent charges on their end for the past 6 months.

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