Hi, My Booking ID is QWOR1420
This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I have booked 2 rooms in Hotel Sapphire , Shillong through OYO Rooms for 5 nights from 7/6/2019 to 12/6/2019, each charging Rs. 4500/- with a total bill of Rs. 45050/-. When I reached there for check-in, the hotel owner said that I had paid Rs. 6500/- less and there will be no check – in until I pay that amount. There was a total chaos all around. After lot of fight and reasoning, they denied me the service. I immediately called OYO Customer Service to resolve the issue.
Next Part is Oyo Customer Service :
I followed up with Oyo but there was never any proper response. Each time they put me on hold for over 20 minutes after that they said that they are checking with the ground team and will get back in 5 minutes. But I never got the call. Finally, OYO Customer Service instructed to find another hotel or cancel the booking as the amount will be refunded within 10 to 15 days. It was really frustrating for me to hear that solution from OYO after almost 4 hours of harassment.
Next, hotel staff informed me that new rate of the room is Rs. 7300/- and threatened me to throw out if I reason with them further about this matter. At last, I had to leave the hotel and I found a staying place at night.
With my dignity and honour on the line and almost 6 hours of harassment and threatening, I am fed up with the Oyo right now with no resolution provided. If this is not resolved in then I will make sure none of my family member book from Oyo in future.

MOB: 9831587254

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