Fraudulant sales practices at EVOK Mega homestore- Bangalore

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: EVOK


This is to bring to your notice that I had bought a Nakshatra New King Size Bed with Str from EVOK store in Bellandur, Bangalore.

While we were at the shop salesman said that the beds were 72*78 in size for a king size bed. We had specified repeatedly that we require a 72*78 size bed. We placed the order and paid the money.

When the delivery happened and installation was complete. The bed size turned out to be 71*79 instead of the promised 72*78. When we went to the store, they acknowledged that it was their mistake and we will get a refund. We spoke to Mr Kiran also who is the store in-charge and he is aware about all the details.

Mr Kiran assured us that we will receive the refund cheque in few days and kept us on wait for over a week. When we asked him again, he said that cheque has been dispatched. On the basis of assurance, we have already taken a bed from some other shop. When we called him again after few days, he said that HO has refused to give us the refund and we can only be given a credit note which doesn’t matter to us now as we have already purchased a bed based on his statement.

We wanted a case request which would have been filed with HO for refund but he said there is none.

Now he is forcing us to take the credit note which does not make any sense to us.

Details of the transactions:
Purchaser Name: Sonali
Sales Order No 1014SO/12-13/000029
Date of Purchase: 8 Apr 2012
Retail Invoice Date: 13 Apr 2012

This is a very unfortunate incident and its sad to see a highly reputed group indluging in these practivces. Cann’t there be a honest way of making money rather than duping the customers of their hard earned money.

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